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Compliment yourself. Out loud. In the mirror.

Stop comparing your life with other people, especially celebrities. Most of them are worried sick about slipping down the charts or not getting offered the best roles. Their self-obsession means that they are rarely capable of holding down a happy and loving relationship.




Stop keeping clothes for ‘best’ — wear them regularly.

Smile. Whether you feel like smiling or not, it makes you feel and look better, and other people respond better to you as well.

Take all those clothes that are too small for you to the charity shop. Gazing at wannabe smaller sizes every time you open your wardrobe door is like punching yourself in the eye on a daily basis.


Write a proper diary, on paper with a pen. Imagine it’s being written for the future you and make it a good account of your life, filled with humour and positive insights. Make your tone brave and optimistic. Adopting this writing style will enable you to change your perspective of what’s happening to you.



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