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At the Edge of the Sea By Rachel Carson

And so I knelt on the wet carpet of sea moss and looked back into the dark cavern that held the pool in a shallow basin. The floor of the cave was only a few inches below the roof, and a mirror had been created in which all that grew on the ceiling was reflected in the still water below.

Later, as I stood above the tide near the entrance to the pool, the promise of that rosy light was sustained. From the base of the steep wall of rock on which I stood, a moss covered into deep water. In the surge at the rim of the ledge the dark fronds of oarweeds swayed smooth and gleaming as leather. The projecting ledge was the path to the small hidden cave and its pool. Occasionally a swell, stronger than the rest, rolled smoothly over the rim and broke in foam against the cliff. But the intervals between such swells were long enough to admit me to the ledge and long enough for a glimpse of that fairy pool, so seldom and so briefly exposed.

在清明如镜的水底铺着一层碧绿的海绵。洞顶上一片片灰色的海蛸闪闪发光,一堆堆软珊瑚披着淡淡的杏黄色衣裳。就在我朝洞里探望时,从洞顶上挂下一只小海 星,仅仅悬在一条线上,或许就在它的一只管足上。它向下接触到自己的倒影。多么完美的画面!仿佛不是一只海星,而是一对海星。水中倒影的美,清澈的水潭本 身的美,这都是些转眼即逝的事物所体现的强烈而动人心扉的美——海水一旦漫过小洞,这种美便不复存在了。

每当我想起海岸,就有一个地方因为它所表现出的独特美妙而占有突出的地位。那就是一个隐匿于洞中的水潭。平时,这个洞被海水所淹没,一年当中只有海潮降落 到最低,以至低于水潭时,人们才能在这难得的短时间内看见它。也许正应如此,它获得了某种特殊的美。我选好这样一个低潮的时机,希望能看一眼水潭。

The ebb was to fall early in the morning. I knew that if the wind held from the northwest and no interfering swell ran in f rom a distant storm the level of the sea should drop below the entrance to the pool. There had been sudden ominous showers in the night, with rain like handfuls of gravel flung on the roof. When I looked out into the early morning the sky was full of a gray dawn light but the sun had not yet risen. Water and air were pallid. Across the bay the moon was a luminous disc in the western sky, suspended above the dim line of distant shore — the full August moon, drawing the tide to the low, low levels of the threshold of the alien sea world. As I watched, a gull flew by, above the spruces. Its breast was rosy with the light of the unrisen sun. The day was, after all, to be fair.

In my thoughts of the shore, one place stands apart for its revelation of exquisite beauty. It is a pool hidden within a cave that one can visit only rarely and briefly when the lowest of the year's low tides fall below it, and perhaps from that very fact it acquires some of its special beauty. Choosing such a tide , I hoped for a glimpse of the pool.

海边漫步 雷切尔·卡森

根据推算,潮水将在清晨退下去。我知道,如果不刮西北风,远处的风暴不再掀起惊涛骇浪进行干扰,海平面就会落得比水潭的入口还低。夜里突然下了几场预示不 祥的阵 雨,一把把碎石般的雨点被抛到屋顶上。清晨我向外眺望,只见天空笼罩着灰蒙蒙的曙光,只是太阳还没有升起。水和空气一片暗淡。一轮明月挂在海湾对面的西天 上,月下灰暗的一线就是远方的海岸——8月的望月把海潮吸得很低,直到那与人世隔离的海的世界的门槛。在我观望的时候,一只海鸥飞过云杉。呼之欲出的太阳 把它的腹部映成粉色。天终于晴了。

海岸是一个古老的世界。自从有地球和大海以来,就有这个水陆相接的地方。但人们却感觉它是一个总在进行创造、生命力顽强而又充沛的世界。每当我踏入这个世 界,感觉到生物彼此之间以及每一生物与它周围环境之间,通过错综复杂的生命结构彼此相连的时候,我对它的美,对它的深层意蕴,都产生某种新的认识。

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